When Do You Need Roof Repair in Naples, FL?

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Roofing

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The roof on your home must be maintained for it to remain a strong and sturdy form of protection for the rest of your house. Once the integrity of the roof is compromised, the house is open to damage within its walls. Here, you will find some of the signs that you need Roof Repair in Naples FL.

One of the most obvious signs that roof repair is in your near future is leakage in your attic space. Crawl up into your attic at least twice each year to check for any water stains on the ceiling, the things you have stored there and the framework. If you notice any water stains, it is time to contact a roof repair company.

Take a walk around the exterior of your home while looking carefully for any signs of blistering paint or water stains. If you notice areas of the house where the paint is blistering or where there is extensive cracking in the surface, you likely have an issue that must be addressed. It could be a sign that water is being trapped and that your attic has inadequate ventilation to allow the moisture to find a way out.

You will need to get up on your roof for the final step. Carefully inspect your shingles. You need to look for shingles that are cracked or that are beginning to curl. These are signs that the shingles have aged beyond a point of being effective. You will likely notice that the sandy finish on them has begun to deteriorate. Once shingles reach this point, they must be removed and replaced with new shingles as soon as possible.

Nature’s elements can be tough on a roof. If you do not pay attention to the signs that you are in need of Roof Repair in Naples, FL, you will cost yourself a whole lot more than the expense of replacing the shingles. Take the time to inspect your roof inside and out to be sure that it is in tip-top condition and avoid having to pay someone to completely replace the roof and many of the things underneath.


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