Need Marriage Counseling In Newport Beach CA? Consider A Family Therapist

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Health

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Many individuals facing marital issues are often unsure about the root causes of their troubles. Conflicts can arise from deep-seated problems, the presence of children, mental health issues, and various other factors that may be challenging to identify without professional assistance. That’s why it’s advisable to seek the guidance of family therapists, such as Dr. Jeanne Michele, when in need of Marriage Counseling in Newport Beach, CA.

Therapists Identify Root Problems

Qualified therapists offering Marriage Counseling in Newport Beach, CA, make it convenient for individuals to obtain information and schedule appointments. When accessing the website, direct contact can be made. The therapist you consult will be capable of pinpointing the reasons for your conflicts and may recommend couples therapy, substance abuse counseling, or individual assistance for mental health concerns, depression, family therapy, and more. Christian counseling is also available for couples.

Therapists Assist with Children’s Issues

Marital problems can escalate when children face challenges, and family therapists swiftly identify these issues. They provide psychological testing for children, behavioral counseling, and aid with school-related problems. Professionals work with children dealing with developmental disabilities, anxiety issues, and ADHD. They employ various treatment methods, including play therapy, group counseling, and family therapy.

Therapists Foster Happier Families

Marital problems are either exacerbated or created when children encounter difficulties. These issues can stem from behavioral or health concerns in younger children or substance abuse, anger, and eating problems in teenagers. Conflicts may arise when individuals with children from previous relationships marry and blend their families. If one family member is struggling, it affects every other member. Therefore, therapists often utilize family therapy, in conjunction with individual counseling, to heal families. They assist couples in resolving conflicts and illuminate how children’s problems may contribute.

Therapists address individual issues and employ group family counseling. For more information, contact Dr. Jeanne Michele in Newport Beach, CA.

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