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Why You Need to Diversify Your Wholesale E Cig Supply Orders

Every vape shop heavily depends on regular E Cig supply wholesale shipments to keep their stores fully stocked and in business. Having the right products in those orders can create huge profits for owners and keep their customers happy and loyal. Diversifying your wholesale order is the best way to ensure excellent sale numbers for your store.

Make Sure Your Customers Can Find What They Want at Your Shop

Vaping’s popularity has exploded in recent years and hundreds of businesses are trying to cash in on the high demand for E Cig supplies. This means that vape enthusiasts have many other retailer options if they can’t easily find what they’re looking for at your store. To retain your customers, it is essential to keep your store’s inventory filled with the newest and most popular products in every category.

When preparing to place your next wholesale restocking order, you should take the opportunity to expand your product offerings instead of just replacing old SKUs. Make sure no one has any reason to shop elsewhere by having a vast supply of starter kits, mods, tanks, atomizers, coils, e-liquids and all other miscellaneous E Cig supplies.

Competition Among Manufacturers Boost Your Sales

Filling your shop with supplies for every major category is a good start, but consumers also expect product diversity. People are no longer satisfied with just a few options for mods. They demand a selection between dozens of ingeniously engineered atomizers, mods designed to match their individual style and coils of every resistance. Fortunately, delivering this has become increasingly easy for retailers because of the continually rising number and sophistication of E Cig manufacturers.

In the early days there were just a handful of reliable mod brands; now there’s a multitude of vapor component manufacturers that each cater to the specific niche needs of your discerning customers. These brands are constantly innovating and reducing costs to compete for your shelf space. Wholesalers help you take advantage of this competition and allow you to stock up on exciting, new products with high markup potential. Guarantee every one of your customers can find the perfect product for them by adding new brands and specialty products to your next wholesale supply order.

Include the Newest E-Liquids to Your Wholesale Order

E-liquid resupplies usually make up the bulk of regular E cig wholesale orders. While it’s necessary to keep your hottest sellers constantly stocked, it is also advantageous to expand your flavor selection with new and unique liquids. Novelty flavors pique customers’ interest and experience seasonal popularity, especially around the holidays.

At Kingdom Vapor, we pride ourselves on providing vape store retailers with an amazing selection of high-quality E Cig wholesale supplies. Build your store’s product selection and success by filling your wholesale order with our diverse vape tools. Contact us if you have any questions about our products and we will make sure you are taken care of.