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Why You Need a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Lincoln Park, NJ

A person can be declared legally bankrupt if their financial debts and liabilities increase their net assets. If you are unable to pay your debts and feel that bankruptcy is the only option available, then you should contact a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Lincoln Park, NJ. There are plenty of different things that need to be done when filing for a bankruptcy, and it’s important that you contact an experienced attorney to help you out.

What Is Chapter 13?

One of the most common bankruptcy options available to you is to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You should let an experienced chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney handle your case. The Law Offices of Larry Bruce Goodman specialize in handling a wide variety of different kinds of chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. This is also known as a wage earner’s plan as it allows people with fixed incomes to create a dedicated plan for repaying their debts at their own convenience.


There are many ways in which a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can make your life easier. He or she will first guide you through the eligibility criteria that needs to be followed and will also highlight all of the positive points of this type of bankruptcy. Most people think that bankruptcy is an easy way out, but that is certainly not the case.

Your life will change dramatically once the application is filed and accepted. That’s why you need a reputable attorney by your side to help you get accustomed to the changes that will be made to your life. These are some of the main reasons why you need a bankruptcy attorney, especially if your finances are going out of control.