Multi-site Monitoring Is A Boon To University Facility Security Systems

by | Dec 18, 2012 | Business And Finance

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Universities have a unique environment that is constantly shifting. Each day hundreds, if not thousands, of students rush across campuses throughout the United States of America, as well as abroad, to reach their classes in time. Not only does the University have a special mandate to provide knowledge and opportunity for those who seek it, but they must also provide a safe environment to do so. University facility security systems must provide adequate information to protect the students, as well as the interests of the College or University, such as special collections and invested technology. Occasionally, however, students will cut across lawns and through buildings to shave a few seconds off of their travel time, which presents a special hurdle for Universities as they seek to maintain the proper level of security with the high volume every building experiences. Multi-site monitoring has helped to ease this strain and provide greater security to campus facilities.

Multi-site monitoring is a technology that has been consistently developed since the early 1940s when it first began its use in wartime military security. The use of closed circuit television was the first step towards multi-site monitoring that has positively impacted University facility security systems today. The ability to send a signal with a direct feed from a video camera in a remote location to a central hub where all cameras could be monitored was revolutionary. It redistributed the security taskforce—where originally a guard was posted on every corner, one or two monitoring guards were able to relay information to roving patrols, focusing security to where it was needed.

The central hub, commonly known as a monitoring station, is the heart of any large facility’s security system. With the advancement of cellular and internet based technology, the monitoring station is able to protect and receive more information than ever before. It allows the central station to reach out to every part of the campus, whether industrial or educational. University facility security systems now have the ability to keep tabs on every building and respond appropriately.

Software developed specifically for University facility security systems creates a whole new world of opportunity when it comes to multi-site monitoring. The software patches together equipment and logs, helping the monitoring users to sift through all of the reports they can receive to find the most useful information to aid the University in protecting its property and its students. By tying all of the equipment together, the University becomes a single body, and multi-site monitoring technology helps the administration assess a healthy heartbeat.

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