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Mobilizing Flood Mitigation With Accessible and Manageable Alternatives

Floods are a universal concern for homeowners across the United States. Many regions have their unique and local causes, including intense rainfall, flash floods, elevated rivers, city-main backups, coastal flooding and ocean storms. That’s why flood preparedness is a wise precaution. Getting the right flood prevention systems materials will give a homeowner confidence in keeping home interiors safe in wet conditions.

The Logistics of Flood Protection

A common flood protection method is the use of sandbags. However, sandbags can require extensive and collaborative work that involves filling and transport of what are heavy items. To solve this logistical problem, alternative materials are available that provide a much more manageable option for homeowners everywhere.

Quick-Deploy Alternatives

An effective and manageable type of alternative flood protection gear is a flood bag. This item submerges in water and expands in weight and size in minutes to create an instant barrier component when needed. A flood bag in combination with an adhesive flood screen barrier attached to a lower doorframe will create a watertight seal against exterior flow.

Additional Protection Against Floods

More specialized options for various conditions are also available:

  • Diverter tubes that redirect shallow floods
  • Larger-sized flood bags designed for wider openings and doorways
  • Rapid-deploy kits containing standard and large flood bags, extended flood screens and a deployment manual
  • Oil-containment kits for spills up to 100 feet

Forward-Thinking Solutions

FloodAvert is an innovative pioneer in recyclable and reusable products, including recyclable shopping bag options, which are now a part of US, Canadian, European and Asia-Pacific markets. The company has built a reputation for its quality products and forward-thinking flood-management solutions. Contact Flood Avert today to learn more.

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