Being Mislead by False Prophets

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Society

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Many people fear they may be mislead by false prophets. It might help you to understand that false prophets can appear in many guises and can make it very difficult to recognize them. Prophecy News Watch deals with news items that can be tied to prophecies logically. However there are many who would have you see them as prophets of the Lord in order to mislead you and take you down a path that is dangerous and dishonest. In fact there are also many who would like to teach you that the bible is false altogether in order to discredit your beliefs.

One of the things that might become quite apparent is that there are many people online who want to tell you that there are no relationships between Jesus and prophecies of the Old Testament. This can be quite discouraging and they are very pointed in saying that Christians are desperately trying to find prophecies where there aren’t any. However if it is so easy for Christians to do so it is just as easy for someone who wishes to find ways to disprove prophecies to do so.

Looking at facts in the bible is not easy. The bible is written in an ancient manner in which words and terms are difficult to decipher at times. The study of the bible has long been pursued by religious groups in order to determine the stories and history that lie within. With this in mind it is easy to see how anyone can take any verse in the bible and turn it to their advantage. It is a good practice of Christians to take the bible to heart and learn to meditate and study the words in order to arm themselves against those who would seek to erase any truths that might be revealed.

As well if you are familiar with the bible and use it to learn more about God’s word and the path he wishes you to take in life it will help you recognize someone who is trying to mislead you. Understanding God’s word is your best defence against those who would speak to you as false prophets. These are the people who are evil enough to use God’s word as a way to manipulate those with faith. Strength in your love of God will protect you from false prophets.

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