Metatarsal Guards OSHA for Foot Protection

by | May 9, 2014 | Shopping

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If you work in manufacturing or construction then you must ensure that safety measures in the workplace are adhered to.  This means that your workers must wear protective gear as they go about their work.  If not, they stand the risk of injury which can then lead to law suits or extra costs due to paying off workers compensation.  In these industries, it is important that the business comply to standards that have been set by the government and are governed by OSHA which is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Part of the requirements includes the use of safety footwear which is mainly durable footwear in the form of a shoe or boot that is reinforced for protection of the toes and metatarsals.  With metatarsal guards OSHA makes sure that the workers feet are protected from objects that may fall on them or puncture wounds that may be dangerous.  It is mandatory that before a worker enters a factory, mine or a construction site they put on protective footwear.  It is fortified with steel and also has other composite materials that make it protective such as fiber glass, plastic and more.

Some of the protective footwear you can find includes that which is resistant to corrosion.  These are great if you work in an environment dealing with harsh chemicals or acidic materials.  You may also find others that are insulated such that they are not affected by harsh temperatures and humid places.  Regardless of how extreme to conditions get on the outside, the feet continue to be comfortable.  Some of the safety shoes with metatarsal guards OSHA can be found worn by foundry workers, smelters and the like.  For workers who are in an environment that deals with flammable materials may also need antistatic footwear because static sparks could cause a fire.

For those who work with electricity, especially voltage that is above 600 volts, there is a need to get safety footwear that is also resistant to electricity.  This is footwear that is generally worn along with protective gear and other safety gear such as shin guard and special leggings.  When you are selecting the shoes to buy, be sure to get the right fit and those that are meant for your industry in particular.  A low quality shoe or one that is ill fitting will only make you uncomfortable.  In addition it will be bulky and heavy for the wearer.

Metatarsal guards OSHA are excellent for the protection of your feet if you work in hazardous industries such as construction, mining, foundry, smelting among others.

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