Maximum Compensation with Help for Your Personal Injury in Newberg, OR

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Personal Injury

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You may need to get help from a law professional when you have be injured at someone’s home, at a business, or in a car accident. Many insurance companies may pay out a decent amount of money in these situations; however, more is often necessary to cover all of the expenses. You may miss work or have a severe injury that requires long-term care or therapy.

  • The Injury

Take the time to bring the documents from your medical visits to your lawyer. When a personal injury in Newberg, OR is experienced, they know how to file all of the paperwork. You may need to visit more than one doctor to get a full assessment. Often, a specialist is necessary to get a full understanding of the necessary treatment. When you have good documentation, a better payout is probable. A lawyer can help you get these things organized and suggest specialists or therapists for you to see. Your personal injury must be proven to help your case.

Missed Work

When you have a personal injury, you may miss several days or weeks of work. There are many things that this can affect. You may not be able to pay your bills on time. Once you get behind, things can get more difficult. You can be in danger of losing your home or having utilities turned off. The money you lose from missing work should be included in your compensation. A good lawyer can get this reimbursed quickly so that you do not fall behind on bills. Kinney & Brown PC can help you get your case organized.

Take the time to gather your paperwork from each of your doctors. You may even have to have long-term care plans written up for you. Take the time to make copies of everything and give them to your lawyer. Your employer may also need to organize some proof of the time you have missed work. All of this documentation can help you get the most out of your injury claim. Click here for more details about the personal injury law in Newberg, OR.

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