Mastopexy For A Youthful Look

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Health Care

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As women age there are changes that occur in their bodies that are often distressing and frustrating. One of the most common complaints that women have is that, with age, their breasts tend to sag and become less firm. Exercise and dieting doesn’t help, and women, especially those with larger breasts, often feel very self-conscious of the change. The good news is that there is a plastic surgery option that can correct this natural process. A breast uplift, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon will tell you, is a common procedure to correct this problem.


A woman’s breast are largely fatty tissue so changes in weight, especially weight gain and weight loss, will contribute to a lack of firmness in the breast tissue. However, other issues such as being pregnant, breastfeeding and aging have a significant impact. For many women heredity also plays a role.

Thinking About a Breast Uplift in Beverly Hills?

Most women will be good candidates for a breast uplift procedure. It is important if you are considering a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to talk to the plastic surgeon you are working with to clearly explain what you want from the procedure.

The breast uplift will remove excess skin over the breasts as well as the surrounding tissue to actually support the new position of the breasts. It will provide some natural shape and contour, but it will not change the size of your breasts or actually round out the top part of the breasts. If you are looking for a fuller breast or a larger cup size a breast augmentation with the breast uplift in Beverly Hills may be a better combination of procedures.

Smaller Breasts

For women with larger breasts the surgeon completing the breast uplift in Beverly Hills may recommend a breast reduction procedure. This will help to extend the actual benefits of the uplift surgery and also make you feel more confident if you are uncomfortable with large breasts.

Smaller breasts may also have additional health benefits including less stress on the back and neck and a more proportioned appearance.

The key to keep in mind when considering a breast uplift in Beverly Hills is that it can reverse the aging process and give you back a more youthful look. By understanding the procedure and talking to your surgeon you can determine if this is the right option for you.

There are many reasons to consider breast uplift in Beverly Hills as a way to address issues with sagging. Please visit our website to find out if this procedure may be right for you.

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