Massage Therapy in Boise ID Used To Treat Various Symptoms May21


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Massage Therapy in Boise ID Used To Treat Various Symptoms

When it comes to overall wellness, more and more people are taking a holistic approach to their health. This involves giving the body a chance to heal and repair itself without the use of prescription medication or undergoing surgical procedures. The Wellness Center of Boise specializes in many different techniques that allow a person to seek alternative methods of treatment. Massage Therapy in Boise ID is one of those methods that have lasting effects on a person’s body.

Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is associated with the flight or fight mechanism in the human body. This increases the muscles to be ready, and in turn, will keep them tight. Maintaining high levels of cortisol in the body can lead to sleeping problems and regular headaches. Luckily, receiving a massage can increase the levels of serotonin and oxytocin, which will reduce stress.

Relieve Digestive Disorders

Massage Therapy in Boise ID can also be used to relieve digestive disorders such as gas, constipation, pain from abdominal straining and more. This is done by simply applying light pressure to the area, and it will help the bowels move through the intestines. Circular hand movements on the abdomen help the circulation of blood flow, and this improves digestion and prevents overall constipation. Gas and stomach bloating can also be relieved through the same method.

Relieves Injuries Caused By Accidents

Injures obtained in an auto accident or sports injured can be treated through regular massage. Massage increases circulation, and in turn, increases tissue metabolism, which helps oxygen and nutrients get to the body parts needed to repair itself naturally. The use of pain medication only masks the underlying issue, whereas massage therapy will get to the root of the problem to help the body correct itself.

Massage therapy may have started as a relaxation technique at spas, but it has now been proven to treat many different ailments. There are many forms of massage therapies targeted at different body parts that truly do have a tremendous impact on the body. This helps to alleviate the use of prescription medication and will get to the root of the problem.

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