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How Manhatttan Cabinetry Provides Unique NYC Furniture Design

New York City is home to hundreds of elegant older apartment buildings that include charming details and old-world architecture. Many owners buy their apartments in order to enjoy the original ambiance. Most owners need to update their apartments, or simply add unique decorating statements, so they hire Manhattan Cabinetry to help. These experts have years of experience with the city’s buildings, and offer clients a range of advantages that include:

  • CONVENIENCE: Manhattan Cabinetry has a spacious showroom in the middle of New York’s design district. Its easy-to-reach location allows New Yorkers to stroll through exhibits, examine furniture options, and speak to professionals about design concepts.
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN: Every city in the world has its own style, and New York is no exception. Many of the area’s apartments are large, but far more involve serious space challenges. The per-square-foot price of apartments is very high, so many New Yorkers buy and renovate relatively small spaces, and then maximize the available area with smart design. These include Murphy Beds, which furniture design experts can build in a variety of styles and finishes. The built-in beds function as bookshelves, cabinets, or other furniture when not needed, but also fold out and become beds. They can be added to rooms to create instant guest rooms, and are ideal for studio apartments. When homeowners need elegant Radiator Covers NYC professionals can design them in a range of styles that appear to be fine furniture.
  • REDESIGNS: New York homeowners often want to maintain the integrity of their apartments, but still update bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and other areas. Manhattan Cabinetry’s craftsmen have years of experience working with the city’s buildings, and work with local contractors, architects, and designers. Their experienced team can transform even the most awkward spaces into homeowners’ visions. Professionals will add display and storage areas, libraries, home office space, and bars. Artisans can build one-of-a-kind tables, and create paneled rooms.

New York City homeowners trust local furniture designers to maximize the value of their homes. Professionals can help to redesign original apartments, and maintain their charm while updating them. They also offer unique, beautiful, multi-function enclosures and space saving furniture ideas.