The Malpractice Attorney in Tampa, FL is the Attorney to See if You Have Been Injured by a Doctor

by | Jan 13, 2014 | Lawyers

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If you or a loved one has been injured or have become disabled through an act of medical malpractice, then you need to contact the attorney with years of experience in litigating cases involving negligence on the part of a member of the medical profession including nursing homes. Many debilitating injuries have occurred because a doctor or other medical professional did not exercise the reasonable standard of care expected of their profession and their medical specialty.

Many injuries resulting from medical malpractice leave the victim disabled for a long time or even for the rest of their life. They cannot work, and they cannot participate in family activities. The extent of the suffering can get worse day-by-day. Spinal cord injuries are serious and these leave the victim disabled and often the disability spreads. The Malpractice Attorney in Tampa, FL has considerable expertise and experience in handling spinal cord injuries.

When a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy or another injury at birth, this could have been caused by doctor negligence before or during the child’s delivery. The Malpractice Attorney in Tampa, FL has many years of experience in assessing and litigating cases involving cerebral palsy and other birth injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries can leave the victims with neurological and cognitive deficits. These cases require considerable experience to resolve and the malpractice attorney has the experience to successfully litigate these cases. They are among the most difficult cases, but attorney H. Dennis Rogers P.A. has the experience to handle these cases. He has access to the most highly qualified medical specialists in the country to consult with him on every case where greater expertise is required.

A malpractice attorney will know every aspect of the case if it has to be litigated to be settled. They have the experience to make the case understandable for a judge and jury. This is a key requirement of a good malpractice attorney. The attorney that specializes in malpractice in Tampa has spent many days in the court room and has litigated many successful cases. You can arrange a free consultation to discuss your case or the case of a loved one.

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