Make the Most of Student Life in Alabama with an Apartment that Fits You

You’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime as you leave home to begin your college years. You’re ready to truly take flight and leave the nest. You want more than the campus experience. You’re looking for apartments near the University of Alabama that will give you true independence. You’ll be surrounded by other students sharing this exciting time in your life. At the same time, you’ll experience the freedom of living on your own or with a roommate in an apartment built for students.

Have Easy Access to College and the Community Around You

While many students choose to live in a dormitory on the college grounds, you are broadening your horizons. Apartments near the University of Alabama can put you in the perfect location. You don’t even need to have a car. If you choose public transportation to save on expenses and have less of an impact on the environment, you’ll be only ten minutes away by bus when you need to get to campus. Your apartment built for student life has it all. You can join with others in your building or friends that drop in while you hang out at the pool. Cookout on the grill, hang out at the clubhouse, or go to the gym. If you need your private time, your apartment offers you a personal space to get away from it all. Give yourself the gift of an apartment where you can become who you want to be. Learn more about what the Lark in the Woods has to offer you by visiting them online.

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