How to Make a Mosaic with Broken Glass When You Need Glass Replacement in Naperville

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Glass and Mirrors

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If you need Glass Replacement in Naperville then that probably means that something broke. Do you have broken glass on the floor that you think you need to sweep up and toss away? Don’t throw it away. Instead, use that broken glass and turn it into a colorful mosaic.

What You Need:

Broken glass
Translucent glass paint
Artist canvas
Craft glue
Tile grout

Prepare the Glass

1) Don the gloves and dig through the broken glass to find all the good sized pieces. You don’t want anything too tiny.

2) Sand the edges of the pieces using the sandpaper. Run the sandpaper over the edges so that they soften and you can work with them without cutting yourself.

Paint the Glass

1) Pour the translucent glass paint into a small bowl. Use a separate bowl for each color.
2) Dip one side of a piece of glass into the paint.
3) Set the glass down on the work surface with the unpainted side facing down.
4) Repeat with the rest of the glass pieces. Let them dry completely.

Make the Mosaic

1) Glue the painted glass pieces to the artist canvas. Create a design with the different color pieces. Keep the glass pieces as close together as possible.
2) Let the glue dry and cure overnight.
3) Grout the mosaic using tile grout. Follow the directions that come with the grout and use any required tools.

Tips and Tricks

1) Translucent glass glue dry slightly clear. It won’t be clear when you first put it on the glass
2) You could also use a paint brush to put the paint on the glass, but that tends to leave unwanted streaks.
3) If you can’t figure out a design for your mosaic just glue the pieces in a random manner on the canvas. It will still look beautiful.
4) Tile grout helps to gold the glass pieces in place. If you use a strong glue you could skip the grout. You could also use resin that dries clear. This is a great idea if you want to put the glass pieces on a table instead of a canvas.

Before you Contact Bolingbrook Glass about Glass Replacement in Naperville, grab up that broken glass and get ready to make a nice mosaic.

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