How to Make a Lasting Impression when Speaking in Public

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Business

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Speaking in public can be a challenging experience, especially for anyone that does not contain the right skills to capture their audience’s attention. If the audience is not interested in what the speaker is talking about, it can cause them to lose interest and the gathering to be an unsuccessful event. However, with the right public speaking skills, the speaker can captivate their audience and keep them interested in the topic they are speaking on. By showing confidence and passion during their speech, the speaker can influence their audience to act.

Tips on Public Speaking

  • Prepare the message that you want to relay to your target audience to help convey the message that you want to send.

  • Remember your body language and tone of voice while speaking. You want to stand in a confident-manner to help your audience feel this same confidence in their self.

  • You want to keep the speech you are giving interesting to keep from losing your audiences’ attention. If the audience loses interest, they will quickly forget what you were speaking about after the event is over.

  • Interact with your crowd! By asking the audience questions or having them assist in a demonstration can help keep the audience interested in your speech and retain information better.

  • Watch your audience if they show signs of losing interest tell them a funny story or change the volume of your voice to help recapture their attention.

Improve Your Speaking Skills with Effective Training

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