Maintain the Beauty of Your Lawn with a Pre-Emergent Application

Home and business owners want to keep their property in exceptional shape. From maintaining the buildings to caring for the lawn, they all play a role in helping keep your residential or commercial property appealing. One way of accomplishing this is by eliminating weeds during their early stage of growth. It is vital to know which products to use and how to apply them to help maintain the healthy look of your lawn. A professional lawn care service can provide you with pre-emergent in Oklahoma City to eliminate weeds and to keep them from overtaking your yard.

Advantages of Using Pre-Emergent

When applied properly pre-emergent can permanently eliminate weeds from your lawn by stopping the growth of a weed sprout. Once applied to the grown water will activate the chemical and soak into the ground. Depending on the concentration of the chemical it can linger in the ground for several days to months. A skilled lawn care service will know precisely how much to apply to your grown to help keep it weed free. They will begin to treat your yard in the spring to remove any weeds that have grown over the winter months. Over time, the amount of weed killer will be reduced as the weeds are eliminated from your yard.

Gain Control Now by Hiring a Knowledgeable Lawn Care Service

It can be time-consuming to care for your lawn to keep it lush and green. You have to provide the right care to your yard or you risk causing harm to the grass that can leave it not too eye pleasing. Elite Lawn Care offers their clients a team of experts who have the training required to correctly care for their yard. Before weeds have a chance to grow this summer consult with them on how pre-emergent can help your lawn become weed-free.

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