The Main Types of Repairs Done with Plumbing in Katy, TX Mar18


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The Main Types of Repairs Done with Plumbing in Katy, TX

Plumbing repairs tend to fall into two categories: Clogs and leaks. Getting rid of most clogs is fairly easy for a plumber who knows how to use a snake. The snake – a long cable that’s under spring tension – is put down the drain until it hits the clog. Then, it’s forced into the clog, which will stick to the end of the cable. The cable is then withdrawn, and presto! The drain is clear. As for the clog, the plumber removes it from the end of the cable and throws it away. Since the blockage material is physically removed rather than simply being pushed to the side of the pipe, the drain will run freely for much longer than it would if it was merely plunged.

Leaks are the other half of the repair business. Pipes resist leaking much longer than they can resist clogs, but eventually, they can corrode or crack. When that happens, the leaky area must be found and fixed. Leaks under sinks or toilets are often fixed by replacing the failed area, but when they’re somewhere along the length of a long pipe, a patch may be welded in instead. This can allow customers to avoid having to pay for a huge length of pipe when a small patch will do. Some long pipes, however, turn out to be corroded along their entire length. In that case, it’s time for a new pipe.

Sometimes, finding the leak is a harder job than actually fixing it. Water leaking from one spot may travel for many feet before it becomes visible. If you have mysterious wet spots on your floor, along your walls, or water coming through the ceiling, call for a specialist in plumbing Katy TX such as Business Name. A plumber knows how water moves not only inside of pipes, but after it escapes them. This will allow the leak to be tracked down and fixed before it can cause even more damage.

Repairs aren’t all that plumbers do. When it’s time to upgrade your plumbing Katy TX, don’t hesitate to call in the pros. They can do everything from put on a new faucet to a complete overhaul of your existing pipes. Let plumbers take care of your water system, and you won’t have to worry about any water ending up where it doesn’t belong.