Looking to space saving furnishings? Manual sliding doors are your go-to option!!

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Doors and Windows, Home Improvement

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Space crunch is an ever growing problem in all walks of life. Be it residential or commercial constructions, builders are turning to more and more space saving options to incorporate more features in the lesser space that they are provided with. One of the best space saving feature is the sliding door. These can be manual or automatic.

Manual sliding doors are becoming highly common in both residential constructions and commercial building. Not only are these common as entry portals but also have taken over the furnishing industry with furniture coming with sliding door options. These can be made out of wood or metals or glass. Glass has taken over the traditional materials as partitioning elements. These are majorly common are doors and up the style quotient of your home or office. Not only are these great space savers but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room, environment friendly if made from wood, smooth moving and easily accessible, comes with proper security options, energy efficient and brighten up your room with daylight if built of glass.

These manual sliding doors come with a large number of fitting elements that need to be installed for proper functioning of the door. These include roller hangers which ensure a smooth working of the sliding door, sliding door track or bracket along which the door moves, the side and top mounting brackets, holder brackets, side channels, end stoppers and much more.

NHN Tyro India provides you with many options of manual sliding door closers. One can easily visit their official website and browse through all the available options before making a purchase. The products come with detailed product description, specification, price and a manual as to how one can install it. You can also like their Facebook page for more information.

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