Looking forward to a brighter future after Bankruptcy

by | Feb 14, 2013 | Lawyers

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Call it bad luck, misfortune, or mismanagement of money but it all goes down to one thing — failure to pay for financial debts. Many people certainly undergo financial crisis at some time or the other, some even worse. It is challenging trying to deal with the situation especially when faced with foreclosure proceedings, wage garnishment and litigation from creditors not to mention the harassment of telephone calls and text messages. It can be a life of never ending stress and emotional turmoil which makes one think of the option of filing for bankruptcy. However, it is not an easy decision since there are factors that need to be evaluated with the help of your Bankruptcy Attorney in Yorba Linda.

Danger signs that you have to consult with a Bankruptcy Attorney:

* You are always asking your friends and family for small loans in order to make it from one payday to the next

* Your wages are being garnished in order to pay for existing debts. You hardly have anything left to live on.

* You have other debts in which only interests are being paid and does not reduce the total principal amount of the loan.

* Almost all your creditors are threatening to sue you because your car payments are in arrears and you haven’t paid for your television set.

* There are several instances when the family has no electricity and water due to your failure to pay for the utility bills.

* You have not had a peaceful sleep for months. You jump every time the phone rings. You are a bundle of nerves.

Once you experience any or all of these danger signs, you need to consult with a bankruptcy attorney in Yorba Linda to discuss and evaluate whether bankruptcy is an option for your situation. You have to weigh all the pros and cons whether bankruptcy is actually the ideal solution since there are other debt relief options. On the other hand, bankruptcy is gradually losing its social stigma as more and more people are filing for this solution after accumulating overwhelming debt without any source of money for its payments.

Very often there is the question that comes to one’s mind. What seems better, being harassed incessantly by creditors or being the topic of gossip in the neighborhood? People certainly are concerned with their pride and stature in the community which often affects their ability to decide even if bankruptcy seems to be the most obvious solution to their problem. Take into consideration that after all your unsecured debts have been discharged through Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code, you can start a new and better life.

You may not have noticed that the kids have been silently suffering due to your financial issues. It is about time to time to make it up to them. By starting over, you can provide more for their necessities and even treat them from time to time for some entertainment that has long been overdue.

Filing for bankruptcy means that you are lifting a heavy burden off your shoulders; however, deciding should only be done after a thorough consultation with a bankruptcy attorney Yorba Linda area.


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