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Looking for Uptown Charlotte Restaurants?

Looking for Uptown Charlotte Restaurants? Do you want to eat at the best of the best and have a relaxing enjoyable night out? There are many restaurants that you may choose but if you want a friendly, laid back, and relaxing atmosphere then look no further.

Murphy’s Kitchen & Tap is just the Pub and Restaurant that you have been looking for.  There are many Charlotte Bars but none of them are quite like this one. At Murphy’s you will find that they have a quite unique setting that celebrates the stories as well as many of the successes of American Irish Immigrants.  These many successes include the very significant contributions to the history of our country.   There are many Irish Restaurants within the area, but there are none that has the setting that is very similar to a late 1800’s Manhattan “gunshot bar.”

Food & Drink to That Made Them Famous

The menu at this Uptown Charlotte Restaurant features comfort food that has been influenced by the Irish, local craft beers, 19th-century craft cocktails, great wines that are sold by the bottle as well as the glass, and let us not forget about the traditional American as well as Irish favorites. These include starters such as the house-made pretzels and the deviled scotch eggs. The Savory Pies and Tarts section include dishes such as the Champs Cheddar and Bacon Turnover and the Caramelized Tart.  Do not forget to check out the Soups and salads that include the Cheddar and Ale Soup as well as the Farmhouse Salad. The crocks section of the menu includes dishes such as an Irish stew and a delicious Shepherd’s pie. The section of the menu that is named sammies includes tantalizing dishes such as a grilled chicken and of course the Rueben. Let us not forget about the all-time favorite section of meat and potatoes which includes dishes such as the flavored Fish and Chips and the Sunday steak.