Are You Looking For A Banqueting Hall In New York City?

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Weddings

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At some time or another, most of us will have received invitations to attend a “grand” function – be it a wedding feast, an anniversary dinner or a graduation ball. Someone that we know has something to celebrate and they wish to do this in the company of as many of their friends, relatives and business associates as possible. Because the event is “special”, their wish is to make it as memorable as possible. The appearance and location of the chosen venue are important; as is the selection of all food and beverages plus any entertainment that is to be provided.

What Happens When You Are The Organizer And Not An Invited Guest?

Every family and every business will have something to celebrate at some time and most of us will be charged at least once with organizing a special occasion function. If the number of people that we feel must be invited is large; the chances are that we will need somewhere bigger than a restaurant in which to hold our function. This is when our thoughts might turn to making a reservation at a suitable Banquet Hall In NYC.

Probably our first thought will be which location to choose; where do most of our guests live and how easy will it be for them to get to the function; maybe you plan alcoholic beverages; so is the location accessible by public transport – all such factors have to be taken into consideration. Costs probably come next – how much can you afford to spend on impressing your guests?

Then The Details

First impressions are important and there is nothing better, than entering a grand building and being shown to a beautiful room, to impress your arriving guests. Some established venues are well known to almost everyone but other even more impressive banqueting facilities do exist and you should be checking everything around your chosen location.

Once you have selected your venue, you then have to sort out what is going to happen when your guests get there. You have reserved a banqueting hall in a fine building but what cuisine do they serve – can they cater for ethnic food preferences for example?

What sorts of drink are available at your chosen Banquet Hall In NYC? Do they have space for dancing after the meal, etc.etc? You owe it to the guest of honor plus all those attending to get all these details sorted out before you even send out the invitations.

When looking for a Banquet Hall In NYC, you should consider the Elite Palace at 69-02 Garfield Avenue in Woodside. See their website at for their impressive details.

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