Looking At The Value Of A Transactional SMTP Server For Your Business

by | Oct 21, 2014 | Internet Marketing

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If your business sends any type of automated emails that occur when a user or customer clicks on a link, makes a purchase, signs up for newsletter, asks for more information on a product or any one of hundred other reasons then you need to consider using a service that can provide you with a transactional SMTP server.

A transactional SMTP server can also be used to generate monthly or regular statements, send out customized newsletters or basically handled anything that isn’t going to be considered bulk email. Having all this handled by a transactional SMTP server has many different values for a company including in keeping your online reputation strong and positive.

Stay Out Of Spam Boxes

Although virtually all transactional SMTP server mails are going to have an unsubscribe button, there are lots of people out there that will just mark the email as spam through their email system. Once that happens you may find that your emails are blacklisted and are simply not getting through various filters that are system wide.

To prevent this problem when you use a transactional SMTP server you will actually be able to tell which of your recipients is flagging your email as spam. With this information you can remove them from your email lists, eliminating the problem and protecting your company name.

Real Time Information

For most companies sending transactional emails at specific times is beneficial if they know when clients view the emails and when they spend the most time or click on the most links.

With a transactional SMTP server all this tracking is possible, allowing you to time delivery of your transactional emails at peak times for your clients to read, review and click on links.

Plus, keep in mind that a transactional SMTP server is only handling outgoing email. This means that it doesn’t have the problem with downtime and lagging associated with standard emails systems that both limit the number of distinct emails you can send per day and often slow down during peak traffic times in the day.

Using a transactional SMTP server to handle your automatic responses and other regular email to customers is a great way to maximize efficiency in your online operation.

Let us help you to understand the benefits of a transactional SMTP server to your business. To learn more see us at www.sarvmail.com.

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