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Local Used Car Dealership Offers Service Specials to Save You Money

Are you thinking about changing the oil in your car or truck? If you do it yourself, you might not save much money. Also, you could end up with major problems if you put in the wrong oil or over tighten the drain plug. In fact, it’s best to leave most car maintenance to professionals at a trusted local used car dealership. Here are some of the ways they can save you money with service specials.

Oil Changes

Local dealers sometimes offer complete oil changes for prices like $12.95 or so. The cost is cheaper than buying synthetic oil, filter, and doing the work yourself. Also, you won’t get dirty or have other problems to worry about.

Front End Inspections

When you change the oil, it’s a good idea to ask about front end inspections. While your car is up on the rack, the technician checks out components like tie rods, CV joints, struts, and other parts. If you have worn parts, you can replace them now to avoid problems like premature tire wear and steering issues.

Code Scans

Is your check engine light coming on? Maybe one of the trouble lights keeps flashing on and off. Your used car dealership offers free code scans. This tells you about the problem, so you can promptly take care of it.

AC Inspections

Your air conditioning is important in hot weather. Before, summer, bring your vehicle to the car dealership for an AC inspection. They make sure everything is in working condition. Also, for one low fee, they clean and flush the cooling system and replace the thermostat. Your AC compressor makes the engine run hotter. A clean cooling system gives you better service and fewer chances for overheating and breakdowns on the road. Check your dealer often for special offers on service.