Living Wills: An Important Document to Express Your Medical Decisions Aug09


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Living Wills: An Important Document to Express Your Medical Decisions

When people hear the word will, they automatically think of a legal document that expresses how they want their property distributed upon their death. However, there are various types of wills designed to cover aa variety of decisions a person makes. From the basic will that transfers assets and finances onto a beneficiary to pour-over will that is designed to place the assets into a trust and distributed to the named trustee. One of the most important wills that a person can greatly benefit from is a living will. This type of will provides information on the medical care the individual wishes to receive if they are ever incapacitated. A living wills lawyer in Moline, IL can provide information on the different types of wills and explain how you can benefit from each one.

Advantages of Establishing a Living Will

* Ensures you do not receive medical treatment that you do not want such as insertion of a feeding tube or artificial resuscitation.

* You can make sure that doctors adhere to your wishes and provides you with control over your medical care even though you are incapacitated.

* Prevents family members from having to make the choice or a disagreement between loved ones on what type of medical careyou should receive.

* You can avoid the risk of your medical care decisions going before the court system and a lengthy court battle.

Protect Your Rights by Meeting with an Attorney

You can start preparing for the unforeseen today and protect your medical decisions by contacting David J. Franks Attorney at Law. A well-established and trusted law firm that focuses on providing each client with the unique legal services that they require. Call today to schedule a consultation on how their firm can help you prepare for your future.

* A living wills lawyer in Moline, IL area can establish a will stating what medical treatment you do want if you are unable to communicate with medical professionals.

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