Lipo in CT Sculpts Your Body to Help You Achieve the Figure of Your Dreams

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Beauty Salon and Products

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Some parts of the body hold onto their pockets of fat to a point where it won’t come off, no matter what you do. There is no thing as “spot reduction” workouts because exercise affects the body overall. That is, fat comes off from the body as its burned up, not because you worked out that specific area. As a result, you are left with saddlebags, bulging thighs or a belly bump that’s preventing you from getting into your dream garment. The most effective way to eliminate these spots is to undergo Lipo in CT.

Liposuction is shorthand for literally sucking the fat out of the body. The process begins with a tumescent fluid that is injected into the problem area. This fluid contains saline, lidocaine and epinephrine. Saline helps loosen up the fat for removal. Epinephrine is used to reduce the amount of bleeding that can happen during a procedure, and lidocaine helps control pain after the operation is completed.

The next step is to use ultrasonic waves to break up any fibrous tissues or scars that are in the area that is being treated. This ensures that the final presentation is smooth and even with nothing to pull the skin into a dimple. Once the area is prepared for reduction, the real work begins.

Lipo in CT involves using a cannula hooked up to a vacuum to draw the fat cells out of the area. The surgeon uses the cannula much in the same way as you would a vacuum cleaner, but adds a personal touch to the process. He has to eyeball the area that he is working on to make sure that just the right amount of fat is taken out from each area. This is to create a smooth and even appearance while preventing lumps from being left behind.

Finally, investing garments are put on to help the body heal and take on the new shape. The garments compress the skin to the muscle layer, encouraging the skin to lay down flat over the newly voided area.

For more information about having a liposuction procedure done, contact Martin Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation.

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