Liberator Furniture: Which One’s Right for You? Jul26


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Liberator Furniture: Which One’s Right for You?

Sex doesn’t have to be the same experience every time. Think about trying something new with your partner. As long as you’re both up for that, then shopping for toys to spice up your partner play is easy. If you’ve been checking out kits and furniture, why not consider the liberator? If you want something that could turn your living room into an instant sex playground, any one of these furniture options should be at the top of your list.

Go with a Wedge

When you start checking out Liberator sex furniture, one of the first choices you’ll see is the wedge. It makes it easy for one’s partner to hit the G-spot. For those nights when you’re playing solo, though, you could use this with your favorite vibrator for the excellent back support it offers.

Try the Golden Nugget

It looks like a couch and while some moms have been using them for their kids as it’s easy to build forts, spaceships, and castles with the cushions, some are using them for sex. It’s not so far from the idea of having sex on the couches or beds that parents and kids share, so it’s not completely out there. Give it a look and see if it’s something you and your partner might like.

Buy the Ramp

There’s furniture that you can turn into a stool-like chair with a flip. Like the wed, it’s used to help partners get into position. The arches provide support, so both partners can maintain a certain position for long or try a lot of different ones in succession.

Inflatable Ramp

The best thing about this one is that you can deflate it, though, which means it’ll take time to prepare the toy, unless you have it fully inflated and ready all the time. Still, this one’s portable and easy to store and hide.

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