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Learning More About Chicago Construction Accidents

Did you know that a construction worker holds one of the most dangerous job titles in the United States? The unfortunate truth is that construction accidents in Chicago area kill and injure thousands of workers every single year. In fact, Construction Accidents account for one in every five fatalities in the United States that happens in the workplace. The accidents typically occur when the safety programs and engineers are either being negligent or they are not there at all. Regardless of if the accident was intentional, accidental, or due to negligence on the construction company’s fault, the employee would be entitled to some amount of compensation. Naturally, you should seek out the help of an attorney who focuses on Chicago Construction Accidents so you know you are getting the best legal representation possible.

The vast majority of the time a construction worker can sue their employer for worker’s compensation when they get injured while they are working. It is possible that a third party could be liable for the negligence on the worksite that caused the accident to happen. Even if you were injured because you were being careless, you are still entitled to compensation thanks to the Worker’s Compensation Act.

Benefits to help cover medical expenses and lost wages are what an injured construction worker will usually be awarded with. Unfortunately, this is not always enough to cover the damages, also known as pain and suffering that the worker is going through thanks to the injury. The weekly benefits that a construction worker receives would just be based on a percentage of their income as well as how serious the disability is.

When a third party is liable for the accident this is going to include the owners, contractors, architects, and even the equipment managers. Typically, when a third party is held liable it is because they were negligent in taking proper safety measures to protect the construction worker. The biggest reason why you want to hire a construction accident attorney is because you have to be able to prove how the accident happened and that your injuries are connected to the accident if you want financial compensation. Your lawyer would be able to help you find the necessary evidence and supporting documents to prove all of that.