What to Know About Transmission Repair

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Business

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For the right expert, transmission repair is less of an obstacle and more of an enjoyable challenge. But how do you find the right technician and the right shop? Use the tips below to get your vehicle back up and running—and running well—in no time.


Probably the most important factor to consider when you need a transmission rebuild is expertise. This is not something you can just take a shot at and hope for success. It’s also not a simple brake job or rotating of the tires. You need someone who has years of experience, not just in general car repair, but specifically in transmission rebuilds. A true expert will know the parts to order, how they fit, and how to install them. This comes from experience. He will also understand how to test the installation and whether adjustments are needed. So how can you figure out if you are dealing with someone with true expertise? Ask questions. Transmission rebuild experts enjoy their work, and just like anyone who enjoys their work, they should have no problem talking about it. In addition, a real expert has confidence and isn’t threatened by a few questions. Listen to how he responds to your questions, and don’t leave anything out.

Convenience for You

When your car is out of operation, finding a transmission rebuild professional is only half the work. The other half is getting your vehicle to the shop. This can get expensive. Find a shop that has their own tow truck. Not only will they be able to come and get your vehicle easily, but they will also feel a sense of responsibility for the transport. A tow truck not connected to your transmission rebuild may not feel a personal connection to the safety of your car. After all, they could always try to blame any damage on the shop that rebuilds it. But an operation with its own truck avoids this potential problem.

You’ll Need a Loaner Vehicle

When your car or truck is down and out, you need to get around somehow. Public transportation is unpredictable and inconvenient. Uber or Lyft can be cumbersome, and the costs can skyrocket. The ideal transmission rebuild will include a loaner vehicle. This way, you can keep going, stay productive, and have minimal interference in your daily life.

For a technician who meets all of these standards, reach out to SOS Transmissions via phone at 708-344-1760 or in person at 1522 N Mannheim Rd. Stone Park, IL 60165. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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