What you Should Know about Clean-Tex Truck Washing

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Business

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Clean-Tex Truck Washing is considered as one of the best Truck Washing company in Denton TX area. They have been in the business for more than 35 years. In fact, they are known as the number one providers of mobile power washing services. Through the years they have gained enough experience to know the needs of their clients. It is because of their ability to respond to their client’s needs that enable them to be successful in what they do.


Clean-Tex Truck believes that for their business to succeed, they need to develop the skill of listening. By tuning in to the demands, requests and complaints of their clients, they will learn and get to know them more resulting in being able to provide solutions even if the job becomes difficult. Being known as the top truck washing Denton TX company in their area, they make it their goal to understand the importance of their clients by helping them achieve cleaner vehicles.


Clean-Tex Truck believes that providing quality work is the best customer service they can give to their clients. They know the value of your truck vehicles to your company. Hence, they only use products that have passed the standards of the EPA. They have seen the effect that by making their clients happy the chances of disappointments are lesser. Hence, enabling them to attract more customers.

Service rates:

This renowned truck washing Denton TX company offers competitive rates. The rates vary according to the type of service you want i.e. power washing, engine degreasing, oil spill cleanup, etc.

Products used for cleaning:

Clean-Tex Truck Washing Company knows the effect of using products that have passed the guidelines and regulations of EPA and products that are cheaper. Some washing service companies often use cheaper products to save operational expenses. As a result, they have compromised the quality of the service they offer. Using cheaper products may lead to damaging your client’s vehicle. Therefore, these companies lose a number of clients.

Clean-Tex is different. They do not want to compromise the patronage of their clients. Hence, they always make it a point that they always follow the guidelines that are mandated to ensure that the service they offer is the finest in truck washing Denton TX has to offer.

Quality service above all else:

Clean-Tex knows the value of quality service and how it can affect your business. Poor service means losing your business. Giving excellent service means more business. Thus, they always ensure that aside from the products that they are using, the workers that clean the truck are also knowledgeable about their responsibilities.

Choose the best:

Now that you know what makes Clean-Tex Truck Washing the best in truck washing Denton TX, hurry up and book for their excellent services! You will never regret your decision in patronizing their company. They are not considered as number one for nothing. They have the experience to prove it. Call them at for bookings and inquiries.

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