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What You Should Know About Attic Insulation Wichita KS

Because most people do not use their attic for living space, they do not insulate it. This is a mistake. Everyone knows that heat rises. When your furnace is working to keep the lower floors warm in your home, the heat rises up to the attic. If the attic is not insulated, the heat will rise up, out of the home. When you have air conditioners running, and your attic is not insulated, the cool air will go out of the home as well. The best way to keep to hot air and the cold air inside, is to hire a professional in Attic insulation Wichita KS.

How Much Money Can I Save on Energy Costs By Insulating My Attic?
By adding insulation to your attic, you can save money on your energy costs. The amount of savings depends on your family’s heating and cooling habits, how secure your windows are, and the type of heating system that you have. When you insulate your attic, you can expect to save between 30 and 50 percent on your energy bill.

What Part of My Attic Should I Insulate?
If you have an unfinished attic, and you only use it for storage, you should have the attic floor insulted. This will keep all of the heat in the lower floors. If you have a finished attic, and you want the heat to get upstairs, you should insulate the walls in the finished area of the attic. If you already have insulation in your attic, and it has been there for a very long time, chances are it is not as effective, and should be replaced.

Which Insulation is Best?
The best type of insulation, cellulose insulation, is the kind which is installed by the professionals. It is much more cost effective than fiberglass, and it is made up of 75 percent recycled materials. This type of insulation is blown into the wall, using a blower. Browse website for more information.

The best way to save money on energy costs, and to keep your home warm or cool, Attic Insulation Wichita KS is the way to go. The professionals at NorthStar Comfort Services can insulate your attic, ensuring your comfort for years to come.