Kitchen Table Café Speciality Dishes

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Restaurant

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If you are looking for a restaurant in down town Vancouver that offers a wide variety on the menu, Kitchen Table Café is the place to go. Situated in three strategic places in the city, guests can easily visit the one nearest to them and try out their unique Kitchen Table Café Speciality Dishes.

Although all dishes offered by the restaurant are delicious, there are just some meals that stand out making them the Kitchen Table Café Specially Dishes. These are dishes that are commonly popular among local customers and tourists alike. What makes it more delicious is that all their dishes are reasonably priced. Hence, customers leave fully satisfied with their choice of food.

Despite their food being affordable, the ingredients offered are fresh. Customers are assured that the quality of food served is not compromised. It is their goal to ensure that their guests receive maximum satisfaction whenever they leave. As a result, guests always comes back wanting more and ready to taste the best that Kitchen Table Café speciality dishes have to offer.

What are some of the speciality dishes offered?

If you are looking to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch cuisine, Kitchen Table speciality dishes can give it to you. For their breakfast they serve the following menu: meat lovers platter that is loaded with your favourite meat, chicken friend steak that is lightly breaded, cooked golden brown and served with gravy on top, chicken apple sauce, fried chicken, smoked kielbasa, breakfast steak, and corned beef hash.

For their lunch speciality they serve the following menu for guests to choose from: fish tacos, chicken strips, and the popular fish and chips. They use pacific cold water cod that are caught fresh and cooked golden brown. These speciality dishes are cooked by trained professionals that are well versed in the art of cooking. They take pride in the dishes they cook that always leave a good impression upon their guests.

If you are planning to celebrate any special occasion such as a birthday or wedding anniversary, spend it at Kitchen Table Café. Their Kitchen Table Café speciality dishes fits the occasion especially since they are an all time favourite among locals and tourists alike. With their cool and calming ambiance, you would feel at ease and relaxed while dining. For reservations you can visit them at Evergreen plaza, Salmon Creek, and Orchards Safe way Plaza or you can call them up at these numbers 360-448-7840, 360-852-8756 and 360-253-8539 respectively.

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