Kitchen Design Ideas and Layout

Washing dishes, chopping vegetables, simmering soups – there are a lot of things you will do in the kitchen. Known as the ‘heart of the home’, this space should not be neglected. No matter what size kitchen you are working with, you can guarantee that it has some hidden potential waiting to be unlocked. How do you transform a basic space into a multi-functional kitchen, you ask? By focusing on the design and layout of course! Kitchen design in Oceanside CA can assist with the entire process but first, take some ideas into consideration before the project commences.

Laminate Kitchens

Are you focused on ease of use when it comes to redesigning the kitchen? If so, laminate kitchens will appeal to you. Simple, stylish and functional, these kitchens can be fitted in spaces of all shapes, including U-shape kitchens and galley-shape kitchens. They tend to have a big emphasis on countertop material choice.

L-Shape Kitchen with Island

Is your kitchen L-shaped? If so, it has massive potential! There will be room for an island that can be used for food preparation, serving or general chit chatter at breakfast time. Alternatively, hire professionals to fit an island that accommodates the sink. Don’t be concerned by this layout because even if you have limited space, you can make the space feel welcoming if you take table clearance and shelf height into account.

Walk-In Pantry

Having all of your dry ingredients waiting to be plucked out of a walk-in pantry will prove very handy, particularly if you plan on catering to large groups of guests. A pantry will give a kitchen a traditional feel and the space can be used to your advantage for storage purposes, should you not have enough room to conceal kitchen utensils and accessories with the particular layout. Think about cabinet organisation at this time, because nobody likes a messy pantry. Contact Guedes Construction, Inc. for more information.

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