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Keeping your New Condo Décor Timeless

The Condominiums for Sale in Santa Monica offer stunning modern touches in well appointed suites that are perfect to suit your lifestyle. However you want to keep your space timeless in order to create a home that will not become outdated too soon. Here are some tips on how to create a timeless design scheme to keep your condo liveable and fresh.

Consider Function

A large part of having a home that works well for many years is having a functional layout. You have to consider each area of your condo and decide how to make the best use of every corner. Consider what types of living spaces you need: a place to relax, a place to entertain, a place to eat, a place to work. Decide what you will need in order to use the space wisely and layout the details from the furniture you will need to the lighting. Consider where a desk might be positioned for comfort and harmony perhaps in front of a window with a lovely view. You can then design from there choosing the colors and other design details to take it from a layout to a home.

Get Inspired

Once you have the space laid out into functional areas you can concentrate on the décor. You have to find something for inspiration from a swatch of fabric to a framed piece of art or pictures in a magazine. This will help you find your sense of style, the colors that appeal to your taste and help you start building a foundation for your creativity.

Select your Furniture

You then can start looking for your main pieces of furniture to set the stage. Do not go too trendy or traditional on your furniture as it tends to age a room more quickly. Instead look for furniture that is designed with classic lines. Simplicity tends to be timeless. You can then use items such as drapes, area rugs, accessories and art to keep things a little more personal as well as more current. These items are far more affordable to replace when you become bored while your main furniture will remain a stabilizing factor that will last for years to come. The beauty of accessories is that you can constantly switch them up to match the seasons, the change in design trends or just when you find something you like better.

A timeless design scheme will keep the condominiums for sale in Santa Monica you purchase looking good for years to come