Keeping Your Employees Safe in the Office

As an employer, you are responsible for keeping the environment that your employees work in safe. The main concerns for office areas are air quality, fire hazards, and slipping and tripping hazards. There are some simple steps to help each of these aspects.

Air Quality

Office buildings are notorious for having poor air quality. Air intakes should be filtered, and located away from loading zones where vehicles may idle. The air circulation system installed should be powerful enough to handle the space of your building; underpowered systems can lead to stagnant air. If applicable, allowing staff to open windows can improve air quality in a low cost way. You can also have indoor plants that process air, and provide a nice décor piece. There are a number of low maintenance plants that are recommended for this use.

Fire Hazards

Fire prevention is a big part of keeping a building full of people safe. Procedures that focus on proper electrical outlet uses can lower the risk of fire starting, and general fire awareness is encouraged. Systems must still be in place to handle a fire if one were to start. For small scale fires, such as lunch room mishaps, a fire extinguisher can keep the fire under control. Larger scale sprinkler systems are going to protect your staff when a fire extinguisher is not enough. Commercial fire sprinkler maintenance in NJ is important to ensure the system works when you need it.

Slipping and Tripping Hazards

Slips and trips are the leading cause of worker injury in the office. You can keep the risk down with some simple steps. Cable management and labeling uneven flooring are the most basic prevention methods. Stairs require secure handrails, and grip improving strips applied to the stairs are recommended. Slips can be reduced by ensuring spills are cleaned up in a timely manner, and freshly washed floors should be identified as potentially slippery.