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Keep a Supply of Sewing Notions on Hand

Whether you have taken up sewing as a fun and relaxing hobby or you do it to help save money on replacing clothing for your family, it’s important to have a good source of sewing notions in Canada. These sewing accessories will ensure you have everything you need to complete any project that may come your way. The following are some of the most important elements you should keep in your sewing box at all times.

An Assortment of Buttons

It’s not uncommon for buttons to come loose over time. If you don’t notice, these sewing notions in Canada can get separated from your clothing and lost before you know it. This leaves you with a dilemma. You can either stop wearing the clothing item altogether or you can dig in your sewing basket to find a replacement. If you keep an assortment of buttons, including the extras that often come with certain clothing items, you are more likely to find a match so you can repair the clothing yourself.


Even if you aren’t an avid sewer, it’s a good idea to have at least black and white thread on hand to fix any issues when they arise. Instead of having to run out to the store to pick up what you need, you will be able to at least temporarily fix a tear until you can repair it properly later.

Seam Ripper

One of the sewing notions in Canada most people don’t often think of is the seam ripper. This seam ripper is necessary to take out any mistakes you may have made, as well as to help you when you are working on major projects that may involve redoing the seams in a piece of clothing or even a quilt. This tool will effectively remove stitches without damaging the surrounding fabric so you can easily repair these issues.

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