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The Items That Are Checked During a Crane Inspection in Syracuse

Cranes are used to perform heavy jobs that would other wise be dangerous or impossible. Because of the danger involved with crane usage, you are required to have a crane inspection in Syracuse performed on a regular basis to ensure they are operating properly and not at risk of malfunctioning and causing injury. If you are new to the world of crane inspections, it can be stressful if you don’t know what the inspector will be looking for. The following are just a few of the many components that are inspected. Don’t let your cranes go unchecked, as this can lead to personal injury, property damage and even death.

Metal Cabling and Hoist System

The metal cable that is used to hoist items is the heart of a crane system. If this cable is fraying or showing signs of weakness, it could lead to breakage which can be detrimental. Make sure your items are inspected so you can rest assured that your crane will be operating safely and that you aren’t putting your staff at risk of injury.

Hydraulic Engine

Most cranes are powered by a hydraulic engine. While they are designed to operate for years without mechanical issues, if you don’t properly maintain them it can create performance and safety issues. The inspector will want to see a service log to see what maintenance you have done, and they will make sure that all of the hoses are leak free, and that the motor is not at risk of failure.

First Aid and Safety Gear

You are required to have a first aid kit and other safety gear on the crane at all times. Make sure you have vests, hard hats, and proper emergency protocol information posted so your employees are safe and you are meeting your license regulations. This is one of the first things inspectors will check for, so make sure you have this information properly labeled before they arrive.

Don’t put the safety of your staff and the reputation of your company at risk. Make sure you are having a crane inspection in Syracuse at least once per year. The team at Superior Industrial Services offers crane inspection services, and can offer service for any items that may not meet code.

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