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Isolation Transformers Provide Protection for Equipment and Users

Single phase isolation transformers are found in a number of electronic devices. These include computers, measurement devices, and electronic devices. There are a number of devices that are specifically used in key industries that require these transformers.

An example of a situation where single phase isolation transformers are needed is when an oscilloscope is used to measure electrical current signals that are not galvanic and isolated from the rest of the network. In this situation, the current circuit can be closed or a short circuit can occur between the grounding and the oscilloscope common point.

Single phase isolation transformers are used primarily to protect electronic components and the individual using the electronic component from receiving an electrical shock. It serves as a physical barrier, separating the power supply on the primary side from the secondary side that is connected to the electronic components and grounded metal parts, which could be in contact with the individual using the electronic device.

In the simplest of terms, the transformer secondary side is separated or isolated from grounding. For this reason, the single phrase isolation transformer secondary side cannot be grounded. If it was, there would be a physical connection linking the primary and secondary transformer side.

Isolation transformers may be employed as instrument transformers when instruments are used to measure high-voltage. High-voltage is dangerous for the individual doing the measuring, and it can also harm the circuits of the measuring unit. An isolation transformer will reduce the high-voltage to a safe level that allows for accurate measurement.

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