Is It Necessary To Extract Wisdom Teeth? Aug02


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Is It Necessary To Extract Wisdom Teeth?

When you reach a certain age your dentist will often suggest that you have your wisdom teeth removed. This is understandable if they are causing problems, but why remove them if they don’t hurt? Wisdom teeth extraction in Naperville is something that is done to prevent future problems as well as when there are problems.

For prevention:

Although you may say that your wisdom teeth are not bothering you or giving a problem, this does not mean that there is nothing wrong. The wisdom teeth may not hurt but they may be impacted which means that they are stuck and cannot break through your gums. There are a number of reasons for this; many people’s mouth is not large enough, in other cases the teeth are at an angle below the gum line.

Many dentists are of the opinion that healthy wisdom teeth should be extracted in an effort to prevent future problems. When you are young the teeth can come out far easier, as you age the jaw bone hardens and it becomes extremely difficult to extract the teeth.

There is no reason not to undergo Wisdom Teeth Edmonton. The longer you wait the bigger the problems might be.

When they have to come out:

When wisdom teeth begin to be problematic they simply have to be extracted, if they are not the problem can only get worse.

Damage other teeth: Wisdom teeth can move other teeth in your mouth, this is often the cause of jaw ache and bite problems which can only be corrected with orthodontics.

Damage to your jaw: Infection can set in; this can do serious damage to the jaw bone as well as the nerves.

Sinus problems: The sinuses are very close to the wisdom teeth, any problems with the teeth can quickly lead to problems with the sinuses such as pressure and congestion.

Your dentist is in the best position to say whether wisdom teeth extraction in Naperville is required or not, however, if you feel pain, or notice swelling this is a true indicator that they have to go.

Wisdom teeth extraction in Naperville is something that really should be done; they are of no use and can only cause problems. You are invited to discuss the issue with Dr. Carl E. Henley at the Center for Cosmetic, Implant Orthodontic & General Dentistry.