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Instant Snow, Make your Shop Winter Themed!

The Christmas season is the busiest shopping season of the entire year. Wintertime surfaces wonderful memories of family, gatherings, and of course presents! A lot of stores in the United States make or break their budgets based on their success rates during the Christmas shopping season. Elaborate ad campaigns and huge sales are great ways to attract attention outside of the mall but what can be done from within? Setting up your store to look like a winter wonderland with instant snow is a great start!

People love to see the holiday spirit in the mall through decorations, mall Santas, and large Christmas tree displays. A store that goes the extra mile to make fake snow will really spread the Christmas cheer and attract some wonderful attention. Whether you arrange large packs of snow along the floors and shelves or get even more creative by making a falling snow window in the front of your store, you are going to want to use a professional snow machine.

Instant snow is very simple to work with and was created for indoor use on almost any surface. It would be a wise idea to layer any surface you want covered in the instant artificial snow with plastic or cloth beforehand to ease the cleanup after the holiday season. Once the snow is laid out as you desire, all you need to do is mist some water across the snow a few times a day to maintain your realistic snow scene. To really keep the scene alive, take a little extra time fluffing up the snow with your fingers and apply some freshly created snow on top. When proper care is taken, instant snow can last several weeks before needing replacement.

Don’t worry about your merchandise getting water damaged. Business Name Instant snow is made with super absorbent polymer that traps in water and will not release it onto your surface. Obviously, placing a bunch of snow on top of high end paper in a bookstore may not be the best idea, but you should be safe putting it on almost any other surface.

If decorating the front, or even the entire store, with instant snow sounds like a festive way to spruce up the holidays, you should consider visiting the people over at Business Name. They offer all of the tools you need to create your very own holiday theme for your store.