If You Have Been Injured on the Job Hire Workers Comp Attorney St. Louis MO

by | Dec 7, 2013 | Lawyers

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If you have been injured while performing a task for your employer, then you need to see an attorney who is experienced in handling worker compensation claims. You should not have to forgo your total income, and pay all of your medical bills without help from your employer or its workers compensation insurance company. The medical expenses from an injury on the job can add up very quickly, and there is no justification for you having to pay these. The workers compensation law mandates an employer provide coverage for these expenses and for your wages lost because you cannot work.

To get all of the benefits you are entitled to you will need a workers comp attorney in St. Louis MO to handle all of the discussions with the workers comp insurance carrier. An experienced attorney will know what to say and when to say it, and this is very important in any legal matter. The workers comp insurance company will talk a different and far more productive game with an attorney than they will with you. An attorney who knows the law cannot be given the insurance company’s standard run around. Of course, every workers comp insurance company has thoroughly trained their employees in the lay person legal waltz. That is what it is; a dance that these people are very good at. Why wouldn’t they be when they know more than you do?

The marvelous part of our workers compensation law is you can obtain the best legal representation an experienced attorney can provide with no upfront costs to you. Once you have done so, the insurance company has to deal with someone who is probably more knowledgeable than the insurance company is. Certainly, Workers comp attorney St. Louis MO cannot be bullied, threatened, intimidated or convinced that the latest settlement offer is the best ever.

Your attorney will not allow any of your medical records to be produced unless the records pertain exclusively to your injuries. This means that the insurance company cannot go on a fishing expedition. They would enjoy finding a medical issue in your past that can be used against you. The best protection you can have and the best results you could ever obtain will be with the help of an experienced attorney. Browse the website for more information.



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