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Injured in a Biking Accident? Hire an Accident Lawyer in Carrollton, GA

Many people bike to work to save gas money and to get exercise. They wear helmets and protective padding in case they hit a rock and have an accident. While this protective gear can help in a typical biking accident, they provide little protection if the bicyclist is hit by a car. Because the bicyclist is so exposed, he can suffer severe and life-threatening injuries. If the accident was caused by a negligent driver, then the injured bicyclist is entitled to damages. These can be used to pay for medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering and psychological trauma.

An injured person should hire an Accident Lawyer in Carrollton GA to help them file their damages claim and receive a fair settlement. The lawyer will total up the expected cost of medical treatment and lost wages. He will also include an amount for pain and suffering. He will attach documentation showing how the injured bicyclist will never be able to resume normal activities. He will never be able to enjoy the physical hobbies such as biking, paddling or hiking that he used to enjoy with his family. Insurance companies usually reject a damages claim and make a counter offer. While they may agree to pay medical expenses and lost wages, they may reject any claim for pain and suffering. The accident lawyer will work to show that the person is in too much pain to enjoy their life fully. He will also document the lost mobility that prevents them from being active.

People may think that they can’t afford legal representation and should just take what the insurance company offers. This is wrong. An Accident Lawyer in Carrollton GA is permitted to take this type of case on a contingency basis. They are paid a percentage of any settlement that they win for their client. If they fail to obtain a settlement, then the client owes them nothing. This make sure that the poorest person can get a fair settlement from the largest insurance company. Injured people can Contact Daniel M. Barnes and Associates for more information on filing a claim for damages. There is no charge for the first meeting.