Improving Sound Quality Through Audiology In Naples

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Health Care

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In terms of hearing, audiology in Naples is a science in which the frequency in which an individual can hear. Tests utilized within these studies determines a range from high to low and assesses hearing loss. A hearing specialist conducts these tests to establish in which frequency the hearing loss has occurred which enables the doctor to determine whether devices could improve overall hearing and correct issues related to this loss. Doctors who specialize in this field additionally study the inner ear’s effects on balance.

Sound Quality

With a hearing loss, it is probable to believe that you have difficulties in hearing specific frequencies. An audiologist can perform tests based on various frequencies to determine the range in which you have suffered a hearing loss. With this understanding, the doctor can determine which treatment option is best suited to the underlying condition. In some cases hearing aids are prescribed to improve sound quality and your overall hearing.

Local Hearing Doctor

The Office of Dr. Mark Montgomery and Associates provides you with hearing evaluations by a licensed audiologist. During these evaluation, the doctor will determine which frequency of hearing you have faced difficulties. The doctor will also determine the source of your hearing loss. As an ears, nose, and throat doctor, Mark Montgomery has assisted an immeasurable amount of patients with issues such as hearing loss, allergies, and diseases that affect these areas. This includes the correction of abnormalities such as deviated septums. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Montgomery or an audiologist within this practice.


With Audiology in Naples, doctors determine whether a patient is experiencing a hearing loss based on the findings of testing that measures frequency. This determines within which range the hearing loss has occurred. With this knowledge, your preferred audiologist can determine whether a hearing aid will improve your hearing based on this sound frequency. An audiologist can additionally assist you with issues related to balance as the inner ear assists you with remaining balanced. Conditions that affect the inner ear often produce dizziness and in some cases vertigo. To discuss these conditions and possible treatment options you should contact the Office of Dr. Mark Montgomery to schedule a consultation.


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