Improving Sleep Quality with COPD Jul12


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Improving Sleep Quality with COPD

If you suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, you may find it very hard to get a good nights’ sleep. You may even find that it is hard to just get to sleep. Yet, waking up after sleeping well can help you feel better the next day. Follow these tips to improve your sleep quality.

Improve Your Sleep Position

Sleeping in a more upright position may sound like the most difficult thing possible. However, it may be what you need to sleep more soundly as it keeps the airway open. One way to do this is to use the Travelwedge, a tool that allows you to sleep in an elevated position. It is a simple change that can create a significant improvement.

Plan to Sleep at Night Only

One of the biggest problems with those with COPD have with sleeping is being tired all of the time. You do not sleep well at night, so you try to take a nap during the day. However, that only makes things harder. To avoid this, avoid napping. Make sure you are able to significantly reduce your naps and put more time into sleeping at night instead.

Create a Routine

You should have a simple routine you follow every night to allow you to sleep well and to ready your brain to sleep. For example, get up at the same time every day. Go through the same process of taking a shower, readying for bed, and getting into bed around the same time. Avoid watching TV in bed either. Many people benefit from banning all electronics from the bed.

Taking a few steps like this can help to encourage your brain to sleep even with COPD. It allows you to get better rest at night so you can feel better and more rested each day.

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