Important Information About Pop Up Displays

by | Apr 16, 2015 | Business

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Pop up trade show displays have been used for quite a few years, but do you really know all the benefits they offer? What is it about these types of displays that keeps exhibitors coming back show after show and opting for this option over all the others that are available?

The majority of people who display at a trade show have the same goals, to get awareness and attention for your business, while also acquiring leads. The right type of trade show booth can help you in accomplishing this goal without costing too much or adding to the stress of the day with a difficult and stressful assembly process. A booth display that is continuing to thrive for trade show exhibitors is the pop up display. There are a number of reasons these displays are so popular, with one of the most notable reason being their cost.

The fact is that most businesses do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a trade show booth. This makes the pop up display extremely appealing due to the budget-friendly price tag it offers. What makes them so much more cost effective is their portable design, along with the lightweight materials that can be shipped at a much lower cost than other types of trade show booths.

The aluminum frame, which is extremely durable, can be easily popped open and then locks into place in as little as five to 20 minutes, based on the size of the display you order. The lightweight frames are designed to be durable and to be used time and time again. The fabric or graphic panels can be attached easily, keeping them firmly in place until you are ready to take them down.

You can say good-bye to the days of just curved or straight designs. With a pop up display, you can find options in all sizes and configurations, which will help you to stand out from the rest of the booths at the show. Some of the most common shapes that are used for pop up displays include gullwing, serpentine, straight, curved and horseshoe. There are also a number of fabric options to consider to ensure that the look compliments the logo of your business. You also have the option of customizing the displays by adding accessories or graphics, which includes literature racks, counters and flooring.

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