The Importance Of Vaccinations For Your Pet

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Veterinarian

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Dogs and cats are subject to many different illnesses. Vaccinations have long been known to be the easiest and cheapest way to ensure your pet lives a long, healthy life. Just as there are numerous animal diseases, there are numerous animal vaccines and combinations of vaccines. Vets in Chicago are aware of what diseases are prevalent in the area and are well positioned to develop a safe and effective regime for your pet.

Understanding vaccines:

Vaccines are employed to develop the body’s immune system which in turn can fight disease caused by invading organisms. Vaccines are formulated to mimic the disease but do not cause the disease to occur. In the event the animal is exposed to the disease the immune system is ready to recognize it for what it is and fight it off.

An important part of pet health care management are vaccines. Not every pet must be vaccinated against all diseases; factors that the vets in Chicago take into account are the animal’s age, environment, travel schedule and lifestyle.

Core vaccines:

All pets must be given a course of core vaccines. For dogs the core vaccines are rabies, hepatitis, distemper and parvovirus. For cats the core vaccines are distemper, rabies, calicivirus and herpesvirus. There are numerous non-core vaccines that may or may not be necessary, your vet will know based on the animal’s risk factors.

Timing and frequency:

Puppies and kittens get antibodies from their healthy mother’s milk while they are nursing. At the age of six or seven weeks they should be taken to the vets in Chicago where a series of planned vaccinations will take place. By the time the animal is 16 weeks old it should have had a complete course of vaccines.

Adult dogs and cats need to be revaccinated every three or four years.

If possible, schedule your pet’s vaccinations so that you are in a position to monitor its condition for a day or so as some animals will have mild side effects that may require intervention by your vet.

The vets in Chicago are extremely important for the health of your pet. If you are looking for an excellent veterinarian you are invited to contact Village West Veterinary.

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