It is essential to have quality sod, trees, and ornamental plants to enhance the exterior of a commercial property, but it is equally important to use a landscaping company that offers a full scope of services to maintain the look of the grounds.

Often, commercial property managers and owners fail to understand the essential nature of professional landscape maintenance in Williston. With proper programs in place, the cost of landscaping actually can decrease, as there is better overall care and proactive treatment of the grounds.

Lawn Maintenance

Within the broad category of landscape maintenance, there are subcategories that vary based on the type of landscaping in place. Most commercial properties will have lawn maintenance as one of the biggest categories.

Lawn maintenance will include regular mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, weed and pest treatment, as well as edging, spring and fall lawn prep, and other unique services based on the specific property.

Plants and Gardens

Plants, including trees, shrubs, annual, and perennial plants, have to be correctly maintained. Like with lawn maintenance, this includes watering or irrigation, fertilizing, and treatment for diseases or insects in the plants.

Additionally, this area of landscape maintenance often includes replacing seasonal annuals, maintaining weed-free gardens, mulching, and pruning. Pruning is particularly important for tree and shrub health. The more proactive and comprehensive the maintenance programs are for plants and gardens, the lower the rate of plant loss, which means no additional costs to the landscaping budget.

Additionally, various commercial landscaping companies may also offer leaf and debris cleaning, maintenance of sidewalks or parking areas on the property, as well as container and display design and maintenance as part of their services. These services can often be customized to meet the needs of the particular commercial property.

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