The Importance of Pet Bathing in Alexandria, VA

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Animal Hospital

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Regular pet bathing in Alexandria VA is more than a matter of making sure the family dog doesn’t smell bad. Regular bathing certainly can make it more pleasant to spend time with otherwise smelly pets, but most people find that the health benefits for their dogs are much greater than any practical benefits for the family.

Regular bathing can help to avoid fleas, ticks, and other tiny parasites that too often plague dogs, cats, and furry pocket pets. Specific flea baths can be given with shampoo that is designed to kill existing fleas and ticks and deter them from coming back, but even the simple removing of matted fur is important to preventing infestations. Matted or dirty fur provides a perfect and hospitable environment for the proliferation of pestilential insects.

Animals that have sensitive skin may benefit from being bathed using less harsh shampoos. Sensitive skin solutions will still leave a dog or cat’s coat looking shiny, fluffy, and beautiful. Bathing also helps to remove dead skin and fur, which reduces unwanted shedding. This is helpful to both the pets themselves and their owners, as the animals will be less uncomfortable and the owners will have to spend less time sweeping and vacuuming the house.

When taking a pet in for a bath it’s important not to neglect areas like their ears, which are prone to both accumulation of dirt and debris and the development of ear mites and other medical problems. A professional bather will be more likely to notice skin problems and other signs that an animal requires veterinary care, so it’s best to listen to his or her advice.

When choosing where to bring a pet for regular bathing it’s best to find one office or individual that can provide comprehensive grooming services. Unfortunately many animals experience anxiety when heading to the groomer, and this can be lessened if they are returning to a familiar environment. Having a consistent schedule at one particular office also ensures that any sudden or gradual changes in an animal’s coat or overall health will not go unnoticed. Contact us for more information about pet bathing in Alexandria VA and other preventative services that can help keep companion animals in good health.

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