The Importance Of Medically Supervised Malibu Drug Detox Programs

by | May 25, 2015 | Health

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One of the most difficult aspects of drug addiction recovery is the initial 3 to 12 days, or more, of detoxification. The challenges during the Malibu drug detox period will be a result of the specific type of drug or drugs used, the pattern of drug use, the last time the drug or drugs were used as well as the overall duration of the addiction.

During detox, the body is flushing the chemicals, toxins and metabolic products of the drug use out of your system. Since many of the changes occurring in the body with drug use impact all the systems, the removal of the drug will result in multiple changes in the entire body.

In addition, during the Malibu drug detox period chemistry in the brain affected by the drug is also changing. This can result in changes in mood, emotional stability, thoughts and even perceptions of what is going on around you.

Challenges and Dangers in Self-Detox

Addicts who try a self-designed “cold turkey” approach to Malibu drug detox often find the symptoms associated with detox overwhelming. For some patients symptoms can include:

* High levels of anxiety, irritability, and confusion
* Pain in the muscles and joints
* Insomnia
* Racing heart rate, difficulty in breathing
* Seizures
* Strokes and heart attacks
* Hot flashes, profuse sweating and inability to regulate body temperature
* Headaches and flu-like symptoms
* Vomiting and nausea
* Difficulty with eating solid foods or drinking liquids

Without medical supervision and support, some types of detox can be life-threatening and extremely dangerous. Often the addiction has already caused damage to body systems and the additional physical and psychological stress of the withdrawal can pose a serious health concern.

Medical Attention

In a medically supervised Malibu drug detox, the patient is monitored round the clock by qualified addiction specialists and board certified medical doctors with extensive experience in detoxification.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms and other health issues, non-addictive medications may be prescribed to help control the withdrawal symptoms. Supplementation with IV fluids may also be required to prevent life-threatening changes in the body.

With medically supervised Malibu drug detox, the extreme effects of the process can be minimized and all medical issues addressed to give the patient the most comfort possible. In some situations, this may include tapering off the drug rather than a complete withdrawal, but with medical supervision this is a very safe and effective detox procedure.

At Seasons In Malibu, we provide a full medically supervised Malibu drug detox for our clients who require detox prior to treatment. For more information on our highly qualified medical staff, as well as our drug rehab programs, see us at

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