Hybrid Market Goes Luxury

by | Feb 27, 2012 | Business And Finance

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The affluent no longer have to be faced with sacrificing either function or form to be environmentally sensitive. Luxury cars have taken large leaps to become environmentally friendly. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations available to luxury consumers who wish to enjoy the style they’re accustomed to while lowering their environmental impact and leaving a softer, lighter carbon footprint for future generations.

While bio fuels are one option available to reduce fuel costs, most luxury car dealers instead offer hybrid cars for environmentally friendly technology. Hybrid vehicles use two or more distinct power sources, such as combining gas with electric power. While there are other types of hybrid technology, most vehicles available at car dealers are the gasoline and electric hybrid. The hybrid car has a gasoline engine that is smaller than the gas engine in most conventional and luxury cars and employs emissions reducing technology. The hybrid also has an electric motor that uses advanced electronics that cause it to work as a motor and a generator. It also has batteries that act as a storage device for the electric motor.

The gas and electric power sources can be combined a few different ways. The parallel hybrid, for instance, has a fuel tank that supplies gas to the engine and a set of batteries that supply power to the electric motor. With a series hybrid, the gas engine turns a generator which charges the batteries or powers an electric motor but does not directly power the vehicle. The reason hybrids are more fuel-efficient than the engines in many luxury cars is that the smaller engine uses less energy to accelerate or drive up a hill. Smaller engines also have more cylinders. Cylinders use fuel every time the engine fires, even when the car is not moving.

Hybrid cars offer consumers an option that allows them to reduce tailpipe emissions and improve fuel economy. As luxury consumers consider the latest hybrid car offerings, they will find that more and more options are available on the market that allow them to be eco-friendly without sacrificing their desire for luxury options. Luxury car dealers are keenly tuned in to the tastes and expectations of the luxury consumer in the market for a car and can make recommendations that will satisfy the style to which the luxury consumer is accustomed, as well as cater to their desires to be environmentally sensitive.

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